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Gooseneck arm for smooth lighting angle adjustment.
Lighting reaches any direction.
The quartz halogen lamp has great light output, soft illuminating without irritating to the eyes.
Power: Low voltage 24 VDC operation without danger of electric shock.
The articulated arm provides vibration resistance performance.
Use top quality electric components.
Accept 20, 35, 50 watt bulb. Included with 20 watt bulb, 35 and 50 watt bulb on request.
Complete with 1.8 meters (70”) cord.
Economical model, jet quality constructed.
ideally suited to machine tools and machinery without big working area.
Engineering plastic shade and base provides complete insulation.


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  • Weight:
    2.29 lbs
  • Dimensions:
    15 × 9.6 × 4 in
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