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  • Tapping Range : #0 – 9/16 (M3 – M12)
  • Maximum speed : 400RPM
  • Working radius : 8″ – 55″
  • Air pressure : 85 to 114 psi (6 – 8bar)
  • Included in the set :
    Air Tapping spindle
    Air cylinder
    Parallel arm
    Table mounting column
    6pcs ANSI Torque Control Tap Collets
  • Collets are according to BILZ system #1
  • Base is not included
  • Brand : VERTEX Taiwan



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An air tapping machine, also known as a pneumatic tapping machine or air-powered tapping machine, is a type of industrial machinery used for tapping or threading holes in various materials, such as metal, plastic. Tapping is a machining process that involves cutting threads into a hole, typically for the purpose of creating a threaded connection with a bolt or screw.

Here are some key features and components of an air tapping machine:

  1. Pneumatic Power: These machines are powered by compressed air, making them suitable for a wide range of applications where electricity may not be readily available or where there are concerns about electrical hazards.
  2. Tapping Head: The tapping head is the main component responsible for performing the tapping operation. It holds the tap (the cutting tool) and guides it into the workpiece. Some tapping heads are adjustable to accommodate various tap sizes.
  3. Column and Base: An air tapping machine typically has a vertical column that supports the tapping head. The base provides stability and may include a worktable or clamping mechanism to secure the workpiece.
  4. Controls: Operators can control the machine using various controls, including air pressure adjustments, speed controls, and a start/stop mechanism.
  5. Reversing Mechanism: Air tapping machines often have a reversing mechanism that allows the tap to reverse its direction after reaching the desired depth. This prevents the tap from breaking or damaging the threads.
  6. Safety Features: To ensure operator safety, air tapping machines may include safety guards or shields to protect against flying chips or accidental contact with moving parts.

Air tapping machines are commonly used in industries such as metalworking, automotive manufacturing, aerospace, and machining shops where precise threading operations are required. They offer advantages such as speed, accuracy, and repeatability in the tapping process.

Operators should receive proper training and follow safety protocols when using these machines to prevent accidents and ensure the quality of the threaded holes.

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    40.18 lbs
  • Dimensions:
    26 × 22 × 6 in
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