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Magnetic Bases

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With central mechanical clamping Chromed steel arm in 14" length For dial indicators shank ø8mm and with dovetail for dial…
BASE SIZE 2.3"X2"X2.2" ARM Ø0.6"x8.2', POWER 176lbf
Holding up to 220lbf Base size:73x50x55mm Main Rod=32x16x122
Holding power : 176 lb Ø0.5"x5" & Ø0.4"x6" Base Length : 2.36" Base Width : 1.97" Base Height : 2.17"
holding up to 220 Lb Ø1"x5" & Ø1"x5"
Holding up to 100 kg Ø1"x5" & Ø1"x5"
Base: 1.4"x1.2"x1.4" Main arm: Ø0.8"x2.7 Sub arm: Ø0.6"x2.6" Holding Power: 66 lbf With Micro adjustment.
To be used on Granite plates  With a powerful vacuum base holder  Steel arm length : 280mm Base 90x25mm  Can…