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Magnetic Bases

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● With central mechanical clamping ● Chromed steel arm in 14" length ● For dial indicators shank ø8mm and with…
BASE SIZE 2.3"X2"X2.2" ARM Ø0.6"x8.2', POWER 176lbf
220lbf, Base size:73x50x55mm, Main Rod=32x16x122
176 lb (80 kg) power, Ø0.5"x5" & Ø0.4"x6"
100 kg power, Ø1"x5" & Ø1"x5"
100 kg power , Ø1"x5" & Ø1"x5"
Base: 1.4"x1.2"x1.4" Main arm: Ø0.8"x2.7 Sub arm: Ø0.6"x2.6" Holding Power: 66 lbf With Micro adjustment.