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Tool Holders Tightening Fixtures

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Tool holder locking Fixture  Ideal for :BT30 Chucks
Tool holder locking, Ideal for any kind of BT40 Chuck.
Ideal for any kind of CAT40 Chuck
Ideal for any kind of CAT50 Chuck

Tool holder Tightening fixtures

Are essential for tightening Pull studs, ER collet nuts, side luck set screws. They come in different tapers such as CAT40, CAT50, BT30, BT40, BT50, HSK63, HSK100, NMBT30, NMTB40, NMTB50.
It’s undesirable to encounter a scratch on the ground surface of the taper or a non-properly tightened collet nut on holder with an unwanted resulting TIR.
Fixtures provide powerful non-slip grip of holders. The ground taper surface is protected to hold the holders safely. Most of fixtures provide both horizontal and vertical orientations. The body is mostly made of cast iron while the gripping part is made of steel. The light and compact design enable them to be mounted on the work table, tool holder trolley or tool holder cart, whichever comes handier.