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CENTRO Coaxial Indicator

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Centro with straight probe tip, Ø 5 mm/0.2″, Centering accuracy 0.003 mm/0.0001″, clamping shank Ø 16 mm/0.63″, Measuring range interior diameter (drill hole) 3-125 mm/0.1″-5″, Measuring range exterior diameter (shaft, with probe tip bent) 0-125 mm/0-5″


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CENTRO quickly locates the centers of bores and shafts.
Center bores and arbors quickly and precisely The Centro is clamped in a tool holder and positioned close to the desired bore or shaft.
Once the probe tip is adjusted, it slides around the circumference of the bore or shaft.
Dial gauge always in field of vision The Centro rotates along the bore or shaft at 150 rpm. Its movement is transferred to the dial gauge.
By using an antenna the Centro remains stationary and always stays in your field of vision.
By using the Centro you find the center of bores or shafts – reliably As long as the spindle is out of center of the bore or shaft, the hands of the dial gauge stay in movement.
By changing the position of x- and y- axis of the machine you can align the z-axis of the spindle and center of the bore or shaft of the work piece.
Further advantages:
– Check the run-out of the work piece to the spindle
– Runout errors of the spindle and tool holder are canceled out >> No adjustment necessary
– Even from longer distances, the large size of the dial gauge is easy to se
– Replaceable probes. (bent probe is optional)

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