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This horizontal/vertical rotary table has a table diameter of 12″ (305mm).
Capacity: 225 lb (120Kg) in horizontal and 133 lb (60Kg) in vertical position.
4° table rotation per each handle rotation.
Micro collar is graduated in steps of 1’min. And vernier scale makes
settings down to 10 seconds possible.
Indexing accuracy of direct Indexing mechanism Maximum cumulative
spacing error 1 minute.

These tables are made of high density Meehanite metal and
hardened/gound gearing to assure the excellent quality and durability.
Very steady under load cutting.

These Rotary Tables are popular for their excellent performance,
practical design and reasonable cost. They are
widely used for circular cutting work, angle setting, boring,
spot-facing and similar work.

As optional accessories it can be working with our other products like
Tailstock TS-3,
Dividing Plates DP-3,
Flange FLT-2A/FLT-3A,
3-Jaw chuck VSC-7A/VSC-8A.


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  • Weight:
    129.58 lbs
  • Dimensions:
    24 × 20 × 11.2 in
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