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These products are designed to be used for tapping projects on DRILLING machines with manual feed and no reversible spindle.They also have adjustable torque to avoid tapping breakage.

For tapping sizes M2 to M7 (Tapping rubber FC-10 and FC-11)
Attachment to spindle: JT6 hole
Max speed: 1500RPM

Radial Float is SELFCENTERING to compensate for hole center misalignment.
Unique Double Spring Mechanism produces Automatic Feed and Cushion Drive. There are two springs for the feed and two springs for the reversal.
Each set gives you double smoothness for ULTRA accurate tapping applications(not possible with this type of tapping head in the past).
Pre-set Torque Control Permits easy operation of tap brake torque control JACOBS RUBBER FLEX COLLETS are standard accessory.


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    2.68 lbs
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    6 × 4 × 3.2 in