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Opening: 9.8″/Width: 9.3″/Depth: 4.9″

Vertex Super-High Jaw MC Vice VQHJ is optimized to secure mounting point
by its 120mm jaw height, allowing for support during machining and increased
precision, reliability, and interchangeability in the finished parts.
It also serves to reduce working time by allowing quick set-up, and by
smoothing the transition from part to part.
It frequently reduces the complexity of a process, allowing for
unskilled workers to perform it and with appropriate setting will
effectively transferring the skill of the tool maker to the unskilled worker.
Vertex Super-high Jaw MC Vice VQHJ also allow for a higher degree of
operator safety by reducing the concentration and effort required just to
hold a piece steady.
The economical function of a Vertex Super-High Jaw MC Vice VQHJ is
to reduce labor costs while improving accuracy at the same time.
Without a Vertex
Super-High Jaw MC Vice VQHJ, operating a machine or process may require
two or more operators to set up different vise in working with various solid
blanks or working with workpice of intricate design.
Vertex Super-high Jaw MC Vice VQHJ series are made of ASTM A536
ductile cast iron which is sturdy and strong enough to lock various material
from Alloy to HSS.
One of its removable jaws has V-SHAPED face to hold round pieces.
This type of shape for round piece reduces power clamping power.
for steady clamping and suitable for various bench of any machining centers.

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    27 × 12 × 12 in
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