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  • Diameter of the rotary table : 10″ (254mm)
  • Each handle rotation : 4° table rotation
  • Load capacity:
    198 lb (90Kg) in horizontal position
    110 lb (50Kg) in vertical position
  • Micro collar graduation : 10 seconds
  • Indexing accuracy : 1 minute
  • optional accessories :
    Tailstock : TS-3
    Dividing Plates : DP-3
    3-Jaw fount mount chuck : VSC-6A/VSC-7A/VSC-8A
  • Made in Taiwan by VERTEX



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The HV-10 Horizontal/Vertical Rotary Table is a high-precision, heavy-duty rotary table designed for milling operations. It features both horizontal and vertical configurations for maximum versatility and precision. This table is ideal for CNC operations and can handle heavy loads with ease. It features a radial arm for smooth and reliable operation and a locking mechanism that ensures your settings remain secure. This table is built with durable materials and has an easy to use design that makes it perfect for any industrial application. The HV-10 Rotary Table is the perfect choice for precision and high-performance milling operations.

  • Weight:
    78.37 lbs
  • Dimensions:
    18 × 14.4 × 8 in
  • Brand: